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Hi, I'm Jodi from BSW4ALL

I am a passionate, compassionate, and dedicated yoga teacher with a unique focus on creating inclusive and community-driven classes. Specializing in adapted yoga, I strive to make the practice accessible to individuals living with autism, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. My mission goes beyond the mat, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being for every student. Join me on a journey where yoga becomes a tool for connection, self-discovery, and holistic growth.


I offer a specialized yoga teacher training curriculum designed for individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. I’m an E-RYI and YACEP instructor, who is passionate about helping yoga teachers develop a nurturing environment where everyone can experience the countless benefits of yoga tailored to their unique needs. I established BSW4ALL, Adapted Yoga, with the intention of addressing community needs for individuals with autism, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. BSW4ALL serves as a nurturing environment, providing opportunities for individuals to explore the positive impacts of yoga. 

About BSW

Best Self Wellness is a 501c3 non-profit organization specializing in inclusive yoga and learning for teens and adults living with Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 

  • Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • Inclusive Educator, M.Ed.​

  • Community Classes

  • Individual sessions 

  • Inclusive Community Events

Our Services

Why Best Self Wellness?

“Jodi is an exceptional person with an authentic light that is inspiring. She has been a mentor and teacher to my teen daughter with special needs and she connects with her on her level and is able to engage her in ways that no one else can. Jodi is professional as well as kind and embodies a mindful attitude. I highly recommend working with her!”

Christie Balcells

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