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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What about social distancing and COVID-19?

We understand your concerns and how vulnerable your family is to the virus’ like COVID-19. As the state of North Carolina (NC) begins to lift the social distancing bands, we have begun to schedule outdoor yoga sessions with regulated precautions. These precautions include facial masks, handwashing, surface sanitation, and we are not currently using any props made from fabric at this time.


2. My child has physical and emotional disabilities.

Our team specializes in adaptive therapeutic services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. All Best Self Wellness’ yoga teachers receive specialized advanced level teacher training in adaptive yoga meeting the Yoga Alliance standards for yoga therapeutics. Meeting each student where they allow us to shape and individualizes care for your child with special needs.


3. Where do classes take place?

Our mobile yoga services allow us to bring yoga to you! Classes generally take place at the child’s home or residence. We have been known to meet families in the park on a beautiful day to share yoga outdoors. We are committed to making classes easy and accessible for your child with special needs.


4.  Do we need special equipment or space?

No! A wonderful aspect of yoga is that the practice does not require a lot of equipment. We will bring a large supportive mat, props, and other fun toys with us. If your student is in a wheelchair, transfer assistance would be required. We are happy to use any space in your home that would provide a safe space to move our bodies and stretch out.


5. How will yoga benefit my child?

Yoga benefits your child in many wonderful ways! Yoga is a great way to get our bodies moving in a gentle and supportive way. Yoga helps improve cardiovascular health, immune functioning, coordination, balance, flexibility, and promotes mental health. In addition to yoga, your child will also experience the benefits of mindfulness which helps support emotional regulation, concentration, focus, and positive self-esteem.


6. Is financial assistance available?

Yes! Best Self Wellness understands the challenges parents face covering the cost of extracurricular activities. We offer a sliding scale fee where you pay what you can. In addition, we activity host fundraisers and events to help provide limited student scholarships for those who need additional financial assistance.

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