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Why Learn? 

Learning has always been a challenge for me. I have alway had to put in extra time and effort to achieve the same results as others. 

I believe that for these reasons, my passion for helping others learn has evolved.

I've found myself a life learner, despite my challenges, and find passion in helping others overcome learning barriers.

In the classroom, my sole purpose is to adapt a learning environment so all learners can participate, grow and thrive.

Learning is a lifelong process and also a delicate balance of information coming in and transforming out into expressions, responses, choice and opportunities. 

Students say to me often, "learning is hard or it sucks." I always agree and redirect to this:

Yes, it can suck. Yes, it can be hard. BUT, you can do hard things and I believe in you.

I also believe that with the right accommodations (classroom supports) and modifications (curricula supports),

ALL learning is possible. 

When we feel supported, loved, cared for, our brains light up in the most magical ways and learning is fueled and strengthened. 

My hope is to be a positive support and help guide them in understanding their own capabilities. My greatest passion is helping students build and strengthen their executive functioning skills, social-emotional skills and self-regulation skills. 

Through these skills, we empower our best selves by developing a mindset that ignites our learning paths and our lives. 

I hope you find the educational materials useful and enjoy the BrainBreak videos. These are fun moments which have a lasting impact. 

So much love, 


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